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Restroom Signs

Certain places are necessary within any establishment. One of these is your restrooms. Whether it’s for private or public use, they have to be easy to find.

Make finding the nearest restroom convenient for both employees and customers. Get clear, visible restroom signs for your New York business today

What Are ADA Restroom Signs?

Bathroom Compliant ADA Sign

There isn’t a day that goes by when people won’t need to use the restroom. As a professional business in New York, it’s important to make access to restrooms easier for people within your establishment. This is where restroom signs come in.

These signs primarily point people in the direction of the nearest restrooms. However, their function goes above and beyond that. Restroom signs also:

  1. Act as identification markers for the different types of bathrooms
  2. Display important restroom information for cleanliness, safety, and maintaining proper etiquette.

Restroom signs are also one of the signs that are required to adhere to ADA standards. The Americans with Disabilities Act enables every customer to navigate your space freely and safely. This includes safe and convenient access to your restrooms.

Need to know more about restroom signs, ADA bathroom sign height, and the like? Feel free to contact Street Style Sign Studio today for all your signage needs.

Types of ADA Bathroom Signs

ADA Bathroom Signage for Business in NYC

The cost of ADA restroom signs varies depending on the type of sign you choose. Here at Street Style Sign Studio, we offer a wide range of sign options for your restrooms. These include directional signs, door labels, bathroom etiquette signs, and more.

You can get a lot of these signs online or at office supply stores. However, restroom signs give you a unique branding opportunity. At Street Style Sign Studio, we help create signs custom-made to your specific needs.

Take note that restroom signs need to be ADA-compliant. We can incorporate various branding details while keeping with design guidelines set by the ADA. These can include:

  1. Raised characters and grade 2 braille
  2. Mounting specifications
  3. Non-glare finish
  4. Universal pictograms and accessibility symbols

Uses for ADA Bathroom Signs

Apart from showing people where restrooms are, these signs are also essential identification markers. They guide different users as to which restrooms they can use. Examples are:

  1. ADA Men’s Restroom Signs
  2. Women’s Bathroom Signs
  3. ADA Unisex Bathroom Signs
  4. Family Room Signs

Bathroom signs are also important for the health and cleanliness of your facility. They can be used to provide information about:

  1. Handwashing
  2. Toilet flushing
  3. Proper waste disposal
  4. Sanitation practices

Looking for a Reliable Sign Maker in New York?

Make your customer’s overall experience a positive one. Ensure they have the information they need to find and use restrooms within your facility. Let Street Style Sign Studio supply you with high-quality restroom signs today.

We offer a wide selection of bathroom sign options for your New York business. Our signs are made with the right balance of function and design. Whether you need one sign or a set of restroom signs, our team delivers with quality and excellence.

Talk to us today with your signage needs and we’ll give you a free estimate.