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Premium Quality Custom Commercial Truck Wraps by New York Sign Company

Does your New York City company or business use any work trucks to do jobs or tasks such as corporate freight and cargo, customer services, or delivery work?

Custom vinyl truck wrapMake the most of this marketing opportunity that your commercial vehicles with customized truck graphics or wraps that prominently displayed your brand message, contact information, and business logo.

When you let your branding hit the road, you increase the visibility of your brand exponentially to those also on the road, but also to pedestrians and even those looking out their windows. When your fleet of work trucks is branded consistently, you have the power to build your brand recognition and spread your marketing message to both future and current clients, convincing everyone that your business is seriously professional and ready to work.

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High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Branded work truck wrapThink about your daily commute. Does it follow largely the same route every morning and evening? You’re just one more vehicle passing by, probably nondescript and even blending in with the background traffic. On the other hand, imagine having New York Sign Company do a customized truck wrap for you. Your phone will start ringing more, your drivers or professionals will start getting approached by strangers, and suddenly it might feel like everyone around town knows your brand.

That’s due to the fact that vehicle wraps don’t just provide your marketing more visibility, but even give you better consistency in your branding. Most people travel along the same route to their daily job, so your message is getting reinforced to them over and over, every single day. If they were to pass someone on a street corner waving a big sign or banner every day, they’d eventually remember that guy on a corner with that sign. Your vehicles are no different. Vehicle wraps turn your fleet into memorable works of marketing art that get easily recognized around town so your business gets both new attention and message reinforcement every time someone is bored at a stop light and looks up.

Completely Customized for Your Needs

Food Truck WrapWe realize that each business is a distinct establishment, each with a different marketing message. Still, regardless of who you are or what your message is, you have a job your vehicle wrap needs to do for your, and for this to happen, it has to look professional and capture attention with large elements that are clear at a distance, all across a layout that is complementary to the contours of your vehicle. Our customized truck wrap design staff is highly skilled at creating useful magnets, graphics, or wraps for your vehicles, and they can help you figure out which products prove right for you.

New York Sign Company designs, creates, and even installs full and partial truck wraps; custom truck graphics, decals, and stickers; perforated window film; and vehicle magnets.

A lot of New York City, NY businesses make use of various kinds of vehicles for their different work functions, and so they can make wraps for a lot of things, ranging from ATVs to RVs. We’ll design something cohesive and then modify it so that it suits any vehicle type you have, giving you extremely good brand consistency.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Protective truck wrapTruck wraps are obviously tremendously powerful as branding tools, but they do so much more. The vinyl film that’s used in the manufacturing of your wrap also provides a protective layer to shield your vehicle paint jobs from road wear and weather. Work vehicles typically represent a serious and long-running business investment, so it’s essential that you take whatever steps you can to boost their lifespan, value, and longevity.

Appropriate installation is critical to making sure that your warp isn’t just eye-catching but also gives your vehicles levels of protection that you demand and deserve. Our team of professional installers handles the whole process for prep work to the finishing touches, giving you a complete product that we’re proud to say we did and you’re happy to see your name on.

Complete Custom Truck Wrap Manufacturer in New York City

Branded Work Truck WrapWe’re here to work with you through each step of the process of doing your custom truck wrap, starting with a consultation, going through design and installation, and even into maintenance and wrap removal. Our team of design, manufacturing, and installation professionals are fully trained and ready to assist you in the design, creation, and installation of eye-catching yet durable truck wraps that extend the life cycle of any vehicle.

Do you currently have an existing wrap that got damaged? We can restore it to premium condition, regardless of whether we did the original work.

Free Truck Wrap Consultation in New York City

Give us the chance to boost the visibility of your brand while protecting your investments, all while attracting new clients and customers with a high-caliber and durable truck wrap! New York Sign Company is your source for cohesive and eye-catching vehicle wraps and graphics or any other business signs which can support your brand and enhance the visibility of your New York City business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a wrap last on a truck?

Under ideal conditions, truck wraps can last anywhere between five to seven years. After which, you can experience cracking and peeling. However, you can make your wraps last even longer by choosing high-quality vinyl from Street Style Sign Studio. We also advise our customers to do proper maintenance and upkeep to extend your wrap’s lifespan.

Is wrapping a truck a good idea?

Definitely! Wrapping your truck can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. It is an investment that will reap plenty of rewards. Truck wraps let you take your business everywhere your truck goes. Whether you have deliveries or service calls, you increase awareness for your brand with truck wraps.

How much does it cost to wrap a truck?

The cost of truck wraps depends on the type of wrap, vinyl, design, and size of your vehicle. Here at Street Style Sign Studio, we offer a range of options that can suit your business and budget needs. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate.

Does a truck wrap damage paint?

No, truck wraps in general do not do any damage to your truck’s original paint. Wrapping your truck even protects the original paint job, leaving it in pristine conditions. However, on rare occasions, it can cause damage if the original paint was of low quality or if the wrap wasn’t installed correctly. This is why it is important to have your wraps installed by experienced professionals.

Why should I wrap my truck?

There are plenty of reasons you should choose truck wrapping for your business. It is a very effective way to increase your visibility in New York. Truck wraps have the potential to generate thousands of impressions daily. This gives you thousands of opportunities to generate leads and increase your customer base.

How do you design a truck wrap?

Designing a truck wrap can be made simple especially if you are working with an experienced sign maker like Street Style Sign Studio. We start with our customer’s design vision and do a layout on our design software. This ensures we showcase the design along the different curves and shapes of your specific vehicle.

How do I prepare my truck for a wrap?

Before installing truck wraps, it is best to do a thorough cleaning of your vehicle. Make sure that each surface being covered is free from any dirt, grime, and grease. Any surface that has dirt or grease can make it difficult for the vinyl wrap to adhere to your vehicle.

How do you remove a truck wrap?

Truck wraps are designed to stick to your vehicle but can also be removed when needed. It’s important that you don’t overextend the lifespan of your wrap to make removal easier. Have your vinyl wrap removal performed by your trusted local sign company.

Are truck wraps good for advertising?

Yes! Truck wraps are one of the best ways you can advertise your business. Unlike static signs, these marketing tool moves with your vehicle. This means you can easily reach people where they are, even if they don’t frequent your area. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility for your business.

How many feet of wrap do I need for a truck?

The amount of vinyl needed to wrap a truck depends on the size of your vehicle and if you choose a full or partial wrap. A good rule of thumb is getting the length of your vehicle and multiplying it by 3 to cover the sides. Also, add extras for bumpers and mistakes.