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Etched Glass Signs

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Smart business owners take advantage of every marketing opportunity they have. They make use of their entire space for branding and advertising. This can include walls, ceilings, and even floors. Another asset that New York businesses utilize is their window spaces.

Etched Glass Signs glass door graphics 225x300

Adding vinyl films and graphics is the classic way to transform windows and glass spaces. However, glass etching provides a more sophisticated way to create eye-catching designs.

What are Etched Glass Signs?

Glass etching is a type of decorative glass treatment. It uses substances that create small cuts on the glass. These cuts result in different patterns and designs.

The cost of etched glass signs varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. There are different options to achieve this, including:

  • Acid Etching
  • Sandblasting
  • Mold Etching

The process lets you change any glass surface into a marketing or decorative tool. This lets you add patterns, designs, or even your business logo, on your glass doors and windows.

Custom Etched Glass Sign Options

Frosted Vinyl Lettering Signage for Iron Vault in NYC

Etched glass is like frosted glass signage wherein it results in the same frosted or opaque look. However, glass etching lets you create visual effects to create chic-looking signage.

Here are some options to choose from for your NYC business:

  1. Edge-lit Lighted Etched Glass Signs
  2. Paint-Filling
  3. Surface Etching
  4. Etched Glass Vinyl
  5. Glass Carving
  6. Etched Glass Shading

Uses of Etched Glass Signs

These types of corporate glass signs are not just beautiful. They can be used in numerous ways to help your business in New York.

  1. Branding: These signs are perfect when your business space has a lot of glass windows and wall partitions. Etched glass graphics let you add your business name and logo around your space. This is a subtle yet effective way to give your brand a boost.
  2. Increase privacy: Glass etching results in an opaqued design, like custom frosted glass decals. This lets you increase privacy without having to block the light from coming through. It is a terrific way to limit people’s views inside your store or office.
  3. Advertising: Etched glass business signs can also be used as promotional tools. This does not just promote your business name. It can also be used to display product or service details using glass surfaces. The eye-catching design is great for sparking the interest of anyone passing by.
  4. Displaying business information:Are you looking for a way to display business information on your doors or windows? You can let NYC customers know about your store hours, contact information, and more through glass etching.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in NYC

Looking for a sign company that can deliver beautiful and seamless etched glass door signs, window signs, and more? Street Style Sign Studios is a full-service sign company that can deliver your signage needs.

We have years of experience serving NYC businesses with high-quality signs and graphics. Our team has the right skill and knowledge to produce premium sign solutions that make your business stand out.

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