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Braille Signs

What Are ADA Braille Signs?

Acrylic Signs for Interior Wayfinding Exam Rooms

Acrylic Signs for Interior Wayfinding Exam Rooms

Braille signs are tactile ADA signs. They contain braille, a system that allows people with vision impairment to read and write. Braille consists of patterned raised dots that translate to letters, words, or phrases that can be read using the fingers.

There are guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act that require these signs within any establishment. They are legally required in permanent and public rooms and spaces. Non-compliance to these guidelines can result in penalties and liabilities for your New York business.

The specificity of braille office signs makes it necessary to partner with sign makers that are well-versed in ADA guidelines. Luckily, Street Style Sign Studio is well-versed in being ADA-compliant. Learn more about these signs by giving us a call today.

Uses for ADA Braille Signs

Braille signs are not only essential because they are legally required for you to have them. They are also vital to creating the right atmosphere for your customers. You want to make sure your customers in New York are free to safely navigate your space.

These signs are vital to identifying different areas within your establishment. For instance, braille door signs indicate the name of the room you are entering. Without these signs, it can be difficult for a person with low vision or vision impairment to find their way around.

Where Do You Need Braille Signs?

Custom ADA Signage for Business in NYC

When creating a sign system for your New York business, it’s important to find out which signs need to be ADA-compliant. Furthermore, you need to know which ADA signs need to include braille.

ADA signs that are required to include braille are those that identify a room, space, or area. This applies to both public spaces and spaces exclusive to your employees. Examples of these areas include:

  1. Restrooms
  2. Common Rooms
  3. Classrooms
  4. Utility Rooms
  5. Meeting Rooms

Custom ADA Braille Sign Requirements

One of the key considerations when getting braille signs is the specific design requirements you need to follow. Fortunately, Street Style Sign Studio has a good understanding of what these design requirements are.

Whether you need name signs or braille number signs, these guidelines are required:

  1. The use of grade 2 braille
  2. Domed or round-shaped braille dots
  3. Capitalization requirements
  4. Braille location
  5. Spacing
  6. Dimensions

There are installation requirements that need to be taken note of. For instance, ADA braille sign height should be 48” and 60” from the floor.

High-Quality Braille Signs in New York

Getting ADA braille signs for your business can be daunting. Let Street Style Sign Studio make the process smoother for your business.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs. When it comes to ADA signs, trust that our team has in-depth knowledge of what is required for you to be compliant.

We offer a wide range of sign options, from wayfinding signs to braille exit signs and more. Our signs are also made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Want to learn more about ADA sign requirements, different types, and the cost of ADA braille signs? Contact us today and get a free consultation.