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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics by New York Sign Company

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At New York Sign Company one of the most exciting types of signage we do for companies is commercial vehicle wraps.

Food Truck WrapThese high-visibility signs give businesses the chance to maximize the impact of what they do in the surrounding areas by promoting their products and services using car wraps, vinyl vehicle wraps, boat wraps, trailer graphics, and fleet vehicle wraps. Our designs help you take your New York City business wherever you go, raising brand awareness and turning your vehicle into a moving billboard.

We work with companies looking to maximize the impact of work vehicles and provide a series of auto wrap solutions that match your needs, requirements, and size of business. Our team does full-service vehicle wrapping, including consultation, design, fabrication, maintenance, and repair.

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Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles that are currently unbranded, you are missing a huge opportunity to promote your business. Vinyl wraps help raise the profile of your company, creating consumer perception that you are an established and trustworthy business that can offer a potential solution to their personal or commercial needs.

Whether you visit clients at home, drive to their business premises, or spend a lot of time on the road, advertising wraps are an increasingly popular way to market your company. It isn’t just large businesses that use them either. Self-employed and smaller companies in industries such as plumbing, electrical services, cable installation, dry cleaning, gardening, and more, can benefit from professionally designed and installed business vehicle wraps.

Your Designs, Perfected

custom van wrap vehicle graphicsAt New York Sign Company we work with our clients so they get a perfect design every time. We can create auto and vehicle wraps, or auto vinyl graphics from scratch or work with existing design files you already own. Custom designs allow you to maximize the advertising value of your vehicles and mean you can put whatever you want on them.

Whether it is a simple logo, text graphics, or high-resolution images, our team can help you with all your vehicle signage needs. We create attractive wraps that promote your most important services, highlight your brand, and ultimately get your business noticed everywhere you go.

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Complete auto-wrapping may not be the best solution for your personal or business needs, that’s why we offer a range of solutions including vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets, and partial vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics by New York Sign Company vehicle wrap options

Partial Car Wraps

partial wraps and graphics

Using a partial car wrap means that you can draw attention to a specific message that you want the audience to see by targeting a specific area of your vehicle for marketing. You can choose to wrap the doors, hood, tailgate, bumper, and side panel individually, or do a combination of multiple areas.

We will apply the wrap to your vehicle and ensure it matches the lines of the body so that it looks professional and aesthetically pleasing. Partial wraps are a great solution for businesses with smaller budgets or those who aren’t looking for a full coverage design.

Vinyl Graphics

custom vehicle vinyl graphics

Single vinyl graphics are excellent ways for your business vehicles to raise awareness and be identified. Vinyl graphics are more adaptable to the shape of your vehicle compared to partial wraps but will allow you to update them easily in the future by moving them or making changes.

You can add and remove vinyl graphics as you choose. When considering vinyl graphics, we recommend a single logo image or minimal text for the best results or a combination of elements to be used across the vehicle for targeted messaging.

Vehicle Magnets

Custom vehicle magnets and signs

If you don’t want your vehicle to have a consistent branding message, vehicle wraps provide both function and flexibility when it comes to mobile signage. They are the easiest solution for New York, NY businesses wanting the ultimate freedom when it comes to when and where you promote your company. They can also help serve a purpose when restrictions on signage are in place in certain areas. These are great for contractors who may work for multiple brands or those who use their business vehicle for personal use, or vice versa.

Custom vehicle magnets offer the most variety when it comes to styles, sizes, and shapes, while also being a cost-effective solution.

Professionals Wrap For All Vehicle Types

Custom large-format trailer wrapWe wrap any vehicle types that your business may use, including semi-trailer wraps, delivery vehicle wraps, boat wraps, jeep wraps, atv wraps, and even lawnmower and jetski wraps! We can customize your design to fit all your veicle types for the ultimate in cohesive branding.

Our team will create bespoke and custom designs, manufacture them to the highest standard, and professionally install them, giving you the perfect marketing tool for your business promotion and customer attraction needs.

We offer complete vehicle wrap services that include:

We create the perfect auto graphics and vinyl car wraps for any business. This helps you improve your brand visibility and reach new markets, potentially increasing revenue streams. You can mix and match our indoor sign and outdoor sign options with your wrap to create consistent branding for your company everywhere you go.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

Businesses of all shapes and sizes will benefit from promotional wraps for their car or vehicle. Eye-catching designs will help you attract more publicity, simply by performing business operations like errands and deliveries daily. Our auto wraps can help protect your car and won’t be affected by the weather, all while helping promote your business through personalized and targeted messages.

If your business isn’t based in one central location, vehicle wrapping is an excellent solution to promoting your business wherever you go. We can provide complete transformations and ensure they are road-legal, don’t hinder your driving ability, and provide privacy while you are driving.

Custom Boat Wraps

matching boat and SUV wrap

If you own a boat and spend time on the water, New York Sign Company offers marine-grade vinyl boat and trailer wraps that can help you uniquely reach new customers. The wraps are durable, meaning that your business’ reputation won’t be affected by faded or damaged designs.

Boat wrapping is an ideal solution for marina owners who offer boat rental during peak months. This can be used by yourself to promote your business or you could allow local companies to advertise on them for a cost, generating new revenue streams.

Boat Identification Numbers

Custom Vinyl Boat Wrap

We know that the marine industry has set rules and regulations, so any work we do will ensure you remain fully compliant with these. Our designs will include identification numbers, licenses, and your boat name in an easy-to-distinguish fashion without compromising on the quality of the aesthetics.

Boat-based Businesses

If your business relies on your boat, create a positive and lasting impression on customers by making it comfortable, look good, feel safe, and be inviting to guests with custom wraps and graphics.

If you operate whale-watching tours, charter fishing, parasailing, or any other kind of business where your boats are a focal point for your customers, make a splash with tailored and customized designs aimed to make you stand out from the competition.

Make your designs functional and promotional so that they help your customers when they are on board and promote your business when you are docked.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom vehicle wrap installation

From start to finish we work with our customers to ensure they get an end product that they love and that connects them with their customers and potential audiences. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering full-service vehicle wrapping that will breathe new life into your fleet while simultaneously promoting your business.

Starting with a free consultation, we aim to understand the needs and objectives you want to achieve, working with you to ensure our solutions provide the best possible fit. We will go over ideas, suggestions, brand requirements, and more, before passing a detailed brief to our design team.

vehicle graphicsUsing their graphic design skills, and knowledge of industry trends, you will receive samples to help you decide the look and feel of your wrap before we start fabricating it. Once you have finalized the design work our skilled team of manufacturers will use our state-of-the-art sign manufacturing facility to produce the individual elements that make up the wrap.

When the fabrication team has finished creating your vehicle wrap, it will be passed to our expert installation team who will carefully apply it to your car, truck, boat, or trailer, ensuring it is perfectly fitted, looks the way you want it to, and doesn’t have any bubbles or ripples in it.

If you are looking at updating, replacing, or repairing an existing wrap, we can assist with this too and can make minor or major repairs.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

New York City Sign Company

No matter the size of the fleet, the message you want to send, or the type of design you are after, we have the right vehicle wrap solutions for your brand awareness and customer engagement needs. New York Sign Company provides complete sign services to New York City, from vehicle wraps to custom building signs, and cohesive interior signage to match. We look forward to creating the perfect business signs for you!

Call New York Sign Company at (917) 508-0601 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!