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Making A Statement: The Art and Impact of Lobby Signs

One of the areas inside your business space that gets tons of foot traffic is your lobby. Everyone who enters your business passes through the lobby. With that much traffic, it’s the perfect place to make the right impression, starting with your signs.

The signs in your lobby are usually the first thing customers see when they walk in. This provides you with the opportunity to make an impact at the first point of contact. Here are several reasons lobby or reception signage can help you make a statement.

Custom Lobby Signs Welcome People into Your Space

Have you ever walked into an office without signage? We guess that probably left you a bit confused, or even questioning if you’re in the right place. Clear and visible signs in your lobby ensure customers walk in confident that they are where they’re supposed to be.

They Reinforce Your Brand

Lobby signage that has been designed to match your brand is key to building brand awareness and recall. When people walk in, they get to soak up branding elements that introduce who and what your business is. These details, no matter how small, strengthen your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Reception Signage Delivers Important Information

Signage is an essential messaging tool. It delivers important information that guides customers through how they go about their business. Lobby and reception signs make sure that people have the information they need for a seamless customer experience.

These pieces of information can include:

  • Directions
  • Product or service information
  • Company accolades
  • Ongoing deals
  • Upcoming events

Custom Lobby Signs Create a Memorable First Impression

As the first thing customers encounter, your signs are key to creating the right first impression. You want to represent your brand the right way, making customers confident about your business.

Here are some ideas to make sure your first few interactions with your customers are positive:

  1. Use acrylic signs that look sleek and professional, elevating your business image.
  2. Consider custom channel letter signs that make your brand shine.
  3. Metal signs that leave a bold image of your business are an elegant option.
  4. Floor-to-ceiling wall murals that not only display your business name, but also decorate your lobby space.

Reception Signs Keep Employees Engaged

The signs in your lobby aren’t just targeted at your customers and visitors. They can also have a significant impact on your team. Signs are an excellent way to boost employee morale.

For instance, professionally made signage instills a sense of pride in your company. Seeing these signs each time they enter reminds employees that they are working for a reputable company. It also tells them that they are part of one team trying to achieve the same goals.

Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Lobby Signs

As they say: “First impressions, last.” Make that first impression a positive one with a well-designed sign for your lobby space today.

At Street Style Sign Studio, we have a wide selection of lobby signs that can be tailored to your requirements. Talk to our team today about your design vision and we’ll give you a free estimate.