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New York Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs

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Street Style Sign Studio is the leading supplier of outdoor signs, exterior signs, and storefront signs in New York City.

Custom channel letters and bannerWe know that signage is important to any business and plays a vital role in your marketing. It needs to look striking while maintaining brand cohesion, attracting more customers to your business and generating increased revenue for your company.

Professionally designed and fabricated storefront signage improves your visibility to new audiences and establishes brand awareness with your existing customer base. By raising the profile of your company with attractive exterior signs for businesses, you can see more walk-in customers from the visibility than local TV, radio, billboard, or newspaper advertising combined provides. (International Sign Agency).

If you want to attract more attention to your business, our custom outdoor signage can help you achieve that. We are a local provider of exterior building signage needs including site-evaluation, technical planning, design, fabrication, and installation.

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Impactful, Attractive Storefront SignsCustom Storefront Signage

First impressions count, so don’t be let down by yours. As customers approach your storefront, what they see will create a lasting memory. Make sure it is a positive one with outdoor signage that helps you stand out from the competition. Even people who aren’t going in your store will remember your brand and know where to go when they need the products and services you offer.

We listen to your needs and combine your brand, goals, and ambitions, matching our knowledge and experience of sign manufacturing to create something that will help you achieve more.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

The most common storefront signs are channel letter signs, allowing unique, highly-customized messaging to be designed and displayed. With font types helping create an array of styles that match your brand and business personality, our exterior signage connects you with your customers through continuity across all your marketing platforms. Mix colors, sizes, styles and fonts with images, logos or other elements for the ultimate promotional tool.

These are most popular for offices, retail stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, schools, churches, manufacturing facilities, and many other business types. 

Lighted & LED Signs

Custom exterior lighted signCombine channel letter signage with LED lighting for a design that really makes an impact on your audience. These styles of sign make your storefront stand out both during the day and at night to leave a lasting impression on passers-by. Late night businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants and bars, can benefit from lighting that lets customers know they are still open. We use LED lighting as it provides a wider variety of styles and colors while giving you longer lasting, environmentally friendly signs.

Lighted signs are ideal for businesses that keep late hours, such as nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy and awning signs are an excellent way of combining function and design. Typically used by cafes, restaurants and smaller, boutique stores and hair or nail salons, the signs are printed on to canvas stretched to fit over standard or custom-made frames that sit above the door and window. It is a unique and engaging way of getting people to notice your storefront and can be used in multiple places to extend the reach and capacity of your store.

Awning signs are popular for jewelry stores, salons, specialty shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers that are looking for uniformity.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument signTypically used by larger businesses, universities, colleges, churches, private clubs and business headquarters, monument signs are an effective way of demonstrating the size, value, and ability of your brand. Built using heavy, durable materials, your outdoor signage can make a bold statement in subtle ways. With a variety of methods used in constructing monument signs, you can make a mark that becomes a symbol of your business.

This impressive, high-visibility signage can be found at entrances to manufacturing plants, churches, schools and universities, private clubs, corporate offices, and resorts.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Custom Tenant Pylon Sign

Pole signs and pylon signs are often seen towering next to large businesses like shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants, and other companies that are looking to capture the attention of people from a long distance. They can be used to represent one business or multiple businesses depending on the nature of the building and premises. Use it as a waypoint that your customers will associate with your business. These high-visibility signs are great for pulling passing traffic from interstates and roadways, attracting them to your convenience goods and services.

This sign is typically utilized by fast food, gas stations, shopping centers, and high-traffic areas, such as near interstates or major roadways.

All the Business Signs You Need

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAt Street Style Sign Studio our whole team is motivated to help you create a sign that establishes your business as the place to go.

We work with you so that the entire process of concept, development, manufacturing, and installation, meets the needs and demands of your company.

Our exterior signs include:

Address Signs

A-frame Signs

Attached Signs

Awning Signs

Blade Signs

Building Signs

Business Signs

Cabinet Signs

Channel Letter Signs

Flag Signs

Hanging Signs

LED Signs

Lighted Signs

Message Signs

Monument Signs

Outdoor Banners

Pole Signs

Portable Signs

Post Panel Signs

Promotional Signs

Pylon Signs

Real Estate Signs

Sidewalk Signs

Storefront Signs

Temporary Signs

Tenant Signs

Vehicle Wraps

Vertical Signs

Wall Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Window Signs

Yard Signs

We create high-impact, high-visibility outdoor signs that attract more customers and clients to your business. Street Style Sign Studio also provides complete indoor sign, vinyl sign, and vehicle wrap services, allowing us to be your sole NYC signage provider.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

New York City Sign CompanyStreet Style Sign Studio is your New York City source for impactful outdoor signs that attract more customers and get your brand noticed! If you are looking for the perfect sign to promote your brand, products, and services, we have the right solution for your business, and the right team to get the job done right and on-time for you.

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